What We Do

AriAscend is an image acquisition and analysis company that offers a range of services to fit our customers’ needs. Our services provide routine and rapid response inspection services that are standardized and repeatable. Utilizing unique acquisition methods and multi/hyperspectral imagery in conjunction with a sensor ecosystem, we provide a platform for the creation of usable big data.  Our services include:

  • Aerial sensor acquisition
  • Ground rover sensor acquisition
  • In-field sensor acquisition
  • 2-D and 3-D map generation
  • Digital Elevation Mapping
  • Volumetrics
  • Visual imaging
  • NDVI (normalized differential vegetative index) imaging
  • Specialized NDVI imaging
  • Crop analysis

How We Do It

Trained operators first fly properties to generate a map and digital elevation map. Using acquired data we create a custom flight plan that will be used on every subsequent visit meaning that data from one flight can be compared to all other flights.  We also use the map to plan placement of in-field sensors that measures temperature, humidity, soil moisture and leaf moisture.  Finally, we use the map to create routes for our ground rover platform to conduct sensor acquisition that cannot be acquired from fixed points nor from the air.

Our sensor ecosystem acquires sensor data in the form of visual spectrum images, multi/hyperspectral imagery, data in other wavelengths and data acquired from field sensors and ground rovers. Our proprietary platform analyzes this data stream and ultimately delivers crop specific reports to clients. Integrating other data sources, including weather history, historical yields, disease history and other information our solution enables growers to spot macro trends, reduce risks and increase yields.


Clients want to see their vision executed, not worry about drones, technology, cameras, or any licensing issues. With AriAscend you don’t need to worry about buying a drone, maintaining a drone or making sure that you have jumped through all the hoops to be legal.

What’s most important is that we can help create meaning behind all of the images and data.  Anyone can take pictures, making it actionable is the key.  By focusing on specific crops and creating custom analytics we can create value that many other providers cannot.

In the end, what matters is that we help you make the right decisions about your crops when you need to make them in order to make sure that you maximize your return on your investment.


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