Technology changes almost daily.  It’s tough to separate what is real and what is hype.

Using industry proven aerial platforms and cameras, in-field sensors and ground rovers we acquire and analyze data in order to provide you usable and actionable information.

“Data is just data unless you put meaning behind it.”

We use our sensor ecosystem to obtain visual, multi-wavelength, environmental and plant data to look at the health of your crops. Utilizing a patent pending specialized oblique imaging and stitching process along with micro-climate information, soil condition data and direct plant measurements, we take a look at the health of your entire crop with an ability to spot issues on singular plants. Leveraging machine learning we automate the process of spotting issues before they become widespread.  We have been working with Oregon State University, the United States Department of Agriculture, and agronomists in the field to create a digital analytics framework to put meaning behind the data.

“Our partners are the key to our evolution.”

We are constantly testing new technology to push the boundaries of what we can detect from the air and ground to help you get the best return on investment.  We seek key technology partners to drive costs lower and to increase the value to our end-users. Whether finding a phosphate deficiency to spotting diseases and pests to finding out your employees have been over-spraying herbicide, we’re looking to optimize your operations and help make your farm more successful.


“When you pull in data from multiple sources, you can really start to see the ‘big picture'”

Our end goal is to gather data from your sensor ecosystem and process it so we can provide you the information to help you make critical decisions when you need to. Getting data on a frequent basis can provide you a better picture of trends in your fields. However, ensuring that this service remains cost-effective is critical.

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